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This product review was uptated on July 2021.


I have always thought and assumed that the art of writing was a talent or a gift with which only some illuminated people were born. Along the years, I have completely changed my mind. I could overcome this preconception. I have learned and understood from experience that we are all endowed with special talents. Some keep them inside and never realize of them and others, discover their own potentialities simply out of necessity.

After reading in several Freestyle Rap For All Reviews the biography of Pat Parra I could see that this was precisely the case because he discovered his hidden capacities and developed them when he found the way to so. At the age of 16 he was a very introvert depressed boy very deeply immersed in rapping but with no clear direction. One day an older friend approached him and showed him two golden rules, and those rules were just what Pat needed to open up his mind to creation and to learn basically how to rap in the most suitable order and in the fastest way.

He had an urge of learning how to freestyle rapping in a prompt and efficient way. He searched everywhere but could not find what he needed. While in college, studying Cognitive Psychology and Psychology of Creative Flow, he developed his freestyle training.  He wanted to share his accomplishments with complete beginners to ensure them they can embark on freestyle rapping in only 5 minutes. He has a long way run of 19 years of freestyle rapping and 16 years teaching more than 2,500 students how to start as pros do in just a few minutes.

He made up Freestyle Rap For All and the Quick Flow Method. In this compilation he teaches how to evolve from never rapping to freestyling very quickly. With the years Pat became a first-class freestyle rap coach known worldwide. The shy and confused boy gave path to a number one freestyle rap pro who nowadays guides apprentices from scratch to writing their own lyrics in no time. Now let´s see what this is all about.

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What is The Method About?

Basically it is an extraordinary rap training tool. It is aimed at teaching how to be the best freestyle rapper. No matter if you cannot put one rhyme together or never rapped before the method offers simple techniques to master your freestyle skills. It is a simple continuing participative process to go from beginner to pro level.

The Quick Flow Method, based on a not well-known psychological trick, consists of 4 simple steps that improve the skills to experience instant and limitless flow. Even if you do not know much music theory or even if you do not master language you can be gradually trained to become a successful rapper to entertain family, friends or even a larger audience in a record time.

The author of Freestyle Rap For All gives the three following incredible tips to help along the way and to set up for success in music business: First, avoid rhyming at the beginning, focus on flowing in order to build flow power and unchain the freestyle flow. Second, never stop, keep on going through words; the subconscious mind will surely bring some surprising thing. Third and last, get someone to practice with.

This is an exclusive high quality back and forth training prompting an active “repeat after me” program. The lively videos demand you to practice while watching. You will work together with the coach in an interactive manner until you rap your own lines out loud.

What Else Does It Include?

The Freestyle Rap For All includes 3 special bonuses.

Bonus #1: How To Write Raps – Advanced lyric writing: Intuitively write raps that flow ($97).
With Bonus #1 you will learn the 3 most important ways in which professional rappers write more elaborate song lyrics using freestyling. You will learn also how to smartly organize your rap notebook to take note of any inspirational lines anytime. It will teach how to unlock your mind when you get stuck and finally, differentiate raps lyrics quality to ensure yours are respected as much as you want and deserve.

Bonus #2:  How to Rap like a Pro – The 8 steps to hijacking pro rap skills ($97).
With Bonus #2 you will learn the 8 straight steps to capture the skills of pro rappers in the fastest way possible, how to double your skills whenever you follow these steps and then also learn about trends and styles to stay on top always delivering better raps and improving your flow patterns.

Bonus #3: Lifetime access to the natural rapper secret VIP private rap group coaching ($397).
With Bonus #3 you will have direct contact with the author and with the Natural Rapper confidential group, a space to exchange ideas, share information and get feedback from all level mates from all over the world. It is a safe place to practice your skills without feeling embarrassed. Most of the rappers of this community have been exactly through the same process as you have so they understand what it is like to be a beginner and give encouraging assistance to help members improve their skills. The belonging to this VIP group will boost your rap skills faster, make you feel positively supported and stay highly motivated. You will have the incredible opportunity of practicing privately with enriching rappers in the VIP group.

Last bonus: 10 professional hip hop beats ($150 each) to record or practice on.

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How Much is It?

You can get the whole special promotion of the Freestyle Rap For All Program package for only $97! As you are committed to improving your skills, for this price you have not only The Quick Flow Method and Advanced Freestyle Rap training within The Freestyle Rap For All Full Program but also the awesome bonuses described before to ensure you will be rapping soon at the highest possible level.

It has also been included a portable audio version of the training to be downloaded on the phone or tablet. Free updates for life are even considered within the offer. The author includes his Pro Rap Series Training to help improve voice and rap speed and his monthly Mixtape Newsletter as well to prepare students on recording and marketing music albums for as long as they live.

The full original price of the complete system was $591. But if you buy Freestyle Rap For all now you get the amazing discount, then the price will return to regular $195. To get the promo price you have to order through the official site.

The entire purchase is backed up by a triple 60 days 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you do not accomplish what the system promises or you are not satisfied with whatever reason you are entitled to request the full refund of your purchase price through the contact link on the official site or just sending an email to  Nevertheless, you still keep the bonuses and Freestyle For All free just for trying out.

The operation is absolutely secure via our partner Clickbank, the largest and safest payment processor for digital e-commerce products in the world.

Conclusion of Freestyle Rap For All Review

Even if you are a terrible rapper with no flow that cannot come up with rhythms, trips over his tongue and thinks his brain is frozen as no words would come out do not give up because Pat himself just happened to feel like this and could overcome the difficulties. The method he developed was been designed taking in account those awkward feelings in order to teach how to get out of the situation easily and in the fastest possible way.

Following the course, you will dominate freestyle and flow with ease in front of the public or just friends. No more embarrassing situations. You will rely on your own skills to start flowing on the mic and get the respect of the audience.

Frestyle Rap For All is the only program that guarantees you will freestyle rapping in 5 minutes. No one can claim Freestyle Rap For All is a scam for it is a fully guaranteed program.

The Freestyle For All System, the bonuses, the private group and the additional training courses are altogether the result of the serious and committed work of Pat Parra to pass his knowledge and experience to others paving their way to learn how to freestyle rapping in just 5 minutes at an affordable price.