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This product review was uptated on July 2021.


All my life I had a dream deep down in my soul. I do love music and I have always wanted to play an instrument, and the piano was and is still my favorite one. There were many reasons –money, time, motivation- for which I could never take a formal course. That was a pending subject. I knew I would find an easy way to fulfill my dream.

One day by chance I came across a Piano for all review. I wanted to learn more in relation to what the proposal was about and began browsing many more Piano for All reviews searching for that thing I have dreamed of: a convenient, inexpensive, interesting way of learning how to play the piano in an amusing and interactive fashion.

I am novice, an apprentice, a pupil, whatever the name, just a beginner who must learn everything. So let me explain you what I have found in Piano for All.

What is it About?

Basically,  Piano for All is a great system for anyone to learn easily how to play piano or keyboard.

It is suitable for adults and teenagers not young children who want to learn piano and have results in a short time. Of course, it is not for those who want to become concert pianists for, in that case, they should search for a customary and classical course.

It has been developed to guide total beginners to an intermediate level starting with popular rhythm styles of playing the piano covering from Blues to Classics.

The approach of the course is to teach chords in a progressive form, building on a foundation from which to develop and grow the individual abilities as lessons advance.

The elements presented are based on simple practice and never bothering understanding of technical stuff so that the student starts playing immediately.  After each sitting at the piano students have an instant sense of accomplishment that encourages them to go on.

The Piano for All program comes with a fully set of interactive material to enjoy sitting at the piano and playing. It is aimed at creating a solid ground to help build a firm playing style in record time. That is why it has been well structured and carefully planned. The instructions will lead you to simply learn to play piano by ear, in the first place, then improvise, make up your own compositions and ultimately read piano sheet music.

20 -30 minutes of daily dedication is enough to produce a very fast progress. The majority of people stay longer periods as they get too enthusiastic over their own evolution. They are very much surprised to see how quickly they are capable of performing in a satisfactory way.

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What Do You Get?

The complete course has 9 thoroughly assessed eBooks containing 200 video built-in lessons and 500 audio built-in lessons, making a total of 10 hours of embedded watching and hearing lessons. This video and audio integration is a largely advantageous feature of the method that makes the course very much inviting to follow along.

The next are the titles of the 9 books in this series:

  • Book Nº 1 Party Time / Play by Ear / Rhythm Piano
  • Book Nº 2 Blues and Rock n Roll
  • Book Nº 3 Chord magic
  • Book Nº 4 Advanced Chords Made Easy
  • Book Nº 5 Ballad Style
  • Book Nº 6 Jazz Piano Made Easy
  • Book Nº 7 Advanced Blues & Fake Stride
  • Book Nº 8 Taming the Classics
  • Book Nº 9 Speed Learning

Going through the lessons step-by-step assures a smooth entrance into ballads, blues and jazz that help gain self-confidence on the things learned.  This self-assurance fosters students to dare into other areas more difficult such as improvisation and the creation of their own melodies. The program provides the tools to play any style or go into any musical direction.

Students learn to read music and play by ear at the same time. Many well-known pianists or keyboard players, who are self-taught, have learned using many of the same techniques, secrets and formulas described in the Piano for All.

Robin Hall, the author, owner of a lovely teaching style, he himself guides you and plays the section taught. So you feel you are actually in the piano class, with the teacher near you, accompanying you through the lessons. Besides, he gives his personal email address: to receive all the questions and doubts regarding his method.


How Can I to Get It?

The download of Piano for All is instant from the official web site. Piano for All pdf can be run on PC, Mac, tablet, iPhone, iPad or any Android device.  Piano for All download Ebooks have audio and video embedded to hear and see the lessons. Everything is just in one place, no comings and goings. Piano for All pdf files are opened in Adobe Reader. Some people find it useful so see the course on the computer and also print out a copy for reference.

If you want to buy Piano for All, there are 2 special offers to take into account:

  • Offer # 1: 9 eBooks with 200 video lessons and 500 audio lessons included for only $39.
  • Offer #2: 9 eBooks with 200 video lessons and 500 audio lessons included + the whole course on DVD Rom for just $49 (deliverable anywhere in the world).

The transaction is done via Clickbank and is %100 secure. Payment means such as Visa, Mastercard, echeck, Discover, American Express and Paypal are available.

The purchase is fully protected by a 60 days 100% money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the material within the first 60 days, you can send an email requesting a refund of your entire purchase price. And the best part of all this is that you still can keep Piano for All free. If Piano for All is scam, the purchase could not be reassured the way it is, and with so many trustworthy and identifiable pro statements as well. Then, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out.

For buyers from outside U.S.A., there is a special order form which opens in a new window with the price in the local currency.

If you need any further info there is contact page in the official site and another email address as well.

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Final Conclusion of My Piano for All Review

Having read a lot of Piano for All Reviews and specially the verifiable testimonials of dozens of real students satisfied with their results and thankful to the author for having created an amazing method and for having produced a modern effortless approach to playing piano, there is no doubt that this outstanding method can be recommended for it fully covers the expectations.

You can immediately start to play and sound almost proficient within days. You will be surprised as well as your friends and family with the speed of your progression. In no time you will be entertaining them sounding almost pro. You stay motivated and you set to yourself the defiant challenge of learning and practicing more and more to reach even better results. You will surely succeed and manage to play the tunes you like if you find your own timing for practice and enjoy learning without effort and most important of all, having fun.

To sum up, with all this material, you can learn at your own pace, at your own time, at your own schedule and at a fraction of the cost teacher tuition would be. I will no longer feel intimidated by the piano and will enjoy its company for ever. I think now I could make my dream come true.  “Sit down at the piano and perform a beautiful piece”.