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This product review was uptated on July 2021.

What is it? How does it work? Who is it for?

Riffmaster Pro is a great app to slow down music to practice along with any instrument. It is the perfect speed and ear training tool for all musicians from beginners to advanced levels.

New versions are now available for Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10), for Mac (OSX 10.5 and above) for Iphone (4 and above) and Ipad. You can practice to slow down music, to change the pitch of a song, reduce the vocals behind the chords in any of these devices and even export the loops or songs you adjusted.

The app allows you to adjust the speed of a song or loop without changing the pitch, for that you can use the preset speed function buttons or adjust the speed to get pin point accuracy. This tremendous app also allows you to change the pitch of song and keep the same tempo as well, and for that you move to the pitch area and change the pitch up and down in semitones. Besides, you can use the super vocal reducer to help diminish the vocal of certain songs in which you can hear what is going on behind the chords. One more important thing to be considered is that using this application you can export an adjusted loop or a whole track in the plain and basic way you send any file.

By the way, just a reference, I would like to mention that the program is capable of slowing any audio from 99% down to 25% of the original song speed. The state of the art stretch technology used in the app generates no sound distortion whatsoever.

The introduction video in the official website gives a general idea of the application and refers you to for more detailed videos on the program and in particular invites newcomers to get RiffmasterPro download free 10 day trial version.  The test drive is exciting and it is worth giving it a try if you are looking for something innovative and powerful so that you are completely set and satisfied previous to making a final decision. So it is wise to follow the advice and try it for yourself before you buy RiffmasterPro. Almost every feature and aspect of the app is available for you to test-drive.

The variety of Demo Videos put up in the website is really illustrative and covers: 1) a quick start to introduce the application, 2) how to load, loop and slow down a song, 3) how to change the pitch of a song keeping the same speed or tempo, 4) how to save and export tuned loops and whole tracks, and 5) how to set EQ, reduce vocals in a song and how to add notes. There is a well organized compilation of videos for each system (PC, Mac, Iphone and Ipad) from which to choose from.

You simply load the any of your songs or tracks you want to work with and you will experience a lot of fun enjoying the magic of playing by ear.  It is super convenient to slow down music, regulate pitch and get great accuracy. You can import a song from a CD in your computer and save to mp3, mp4 or wav file and in the Mac version you can use iTunes.

The app is designed by musicians for musicians and it is aimed at mastering any solo guitar, any guitar riff or any song chords note by note in a faster mode than ever before with precision and simplicity. You can choose  any of your favorite famous guitarists, -Steve Ray Vaughan, David Gilmour, Santana, B.B. King, Joe Bonamassa for instance, to play for you, to play along with or even better have a jam session with any of them, dead ones included can be brought to life using RiffmasterPro.

The use of this invaluable software became generalized, in spite of your instrument, your talent level, or the music type or style you play. Not only musicians take the advantage of the app capacity to slow down songs or loops hard to hear.  Dancers began using it to work with daily practices that demand a different speed, singing teachers and even transcribers are making use of it to work with spoken word audios and podcasts.

There some other connected abilities that you will develop with the use of the program, such learning songs fast, memorizing lyrics quickly, transcribing music easily, and mastering difficult phrasing with no problem at all.

A Little Piece of Advice

I agree with the RiffmasterPro reviews about the enormous possibilities offered by this tool but before recommending the app I think it should be made clear that results may vary and the success depends on practice, focus and determination not just on a software.

Altogether, the improvement due to the regular practice of any instrument and the aid of RiffmasterPro program will surely play a significant role in the progress to musical accomplishment.

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How to Download the Software

From the official website, there is an Instant Download Center for the different devices: PC, Mac, Iphone and Ipad. With the purchase of RiffmasterPro Windows version you get a license key that can be used in two machines, and with Mac version you can install the program twice.

If something happens to your computer you, as registered member, can reinstall the software from the licensee retrieval page free of charge for a period of 12 month counting from the date of purchase.

Here, at the Download Center, you can find the promotion of a free bonus pack valued $268 for Windows and Mac. The RiffMasterPro free bonus pack contains the following:

  • 3 Ebooks: How to Tune Your Guitar, How to Read Music and The Fifteen Essential Chords For Beginners
  • 2 Reports: Buying The Right Guitar For You and Warning, What to look out for when buying a guitar online
  • 2 CDs: Quick Start Rock Tracks For Guitarists

Volume I

Track 1: Amin Blues

Track 2: G Blues Straight feel

Track3: Amin Miles Davis Style

Track 4: D rolling riff

Track 5: Gmaj Swing Jazz

Volume II

Track 1: D Dirty Groove

Track 2: Hendrix Style

Track3: Chicago Blues

Track 4: Clapton Style

Track 5: Full Band Track

  • Printable material: TAB Sheets, Chord Grids, Fret Board Templates, Guitar Success Chart and Warm Up Exercises Chart

With all this extra material, you will be able to enlarge your knowledge and learn new techniques and tricks. Additionally, you will be able to apply what you learn, train yourself, take note of everything and of course, keep record of your progress.

Riffmaster Pro pdf files have the e-books and printable material. This bonus pack can be downloaded instantly clicking on the link in the welcome email you receive after purchase. If you have any problems contact

For registered members, minor updates are free of charge for a 12 month period and major ones are charged at a smaller % of the sale price.

All payment transactions are processed and secured via Clickbank. Paypal and all major credit cards are accepted.

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Overall Review

After reading the testimonials of users I should say I was surprised for the level of satisfaction I found. Most of them say that the app is less complicated and less time consuming than other products in the market and that they will be using if for the long time to come.

After seeing the videos I should also say I was surprised because the application is definitely very easy to handle no matter your music knowledge. It is a great and useful creation with quick to respond support behind. Other advantage of this product is that it is very affordable.

I do highly recommend giving it a try!  WOW!!! Don´t miss 4th of July fireworks Sale!!!!!  Special promotion 30% discount.